Monday, 25 June 2007

So I really AM going deaf!

I admit it, I blamed it all on my group's soft-spoken admin assistant Laura. If she would only SPEAK UP! But actually I have been complaining about not hearing stuff for about a year. And in the 5 months since I moved home from Paris to Sydney, I've had a string of bad colds. At the height of each cold I've felt a little panicky for a couple days as I really couldn't hear well at all. And I need to lie on my left side to watch telly on the sofa because when my right ear is pressed against a pillow I can't understand what they are saying... So I grudgingly admitted to myself that the reason I can't hear the lovely Laura might just be my fault and not hers. My fabulous GP sent me to get a hearing test. I expected not to have a problem. But apparently I have moderate conductive hearing loss in my left ear.

The nice audiologist told me that he isn't a doctor - I'll have to go see a specialist next - but that my hearing chart looks like I have otosclerosis. I asked if stuffy sinuses could produce the same effect and he said yes. So hopefully it will turn out to be a sinus problem. But after skimming a few articles on otosclerosis on the net, I have to admit that it sounds like me. It is most common in middle aged white women, for example. I am a 36 year old white woman. It is often hereditary. My father was complaining about his hearing going when he died in his late forties. It starts in one ear before moving to the other...

Well, I'm a blogger by nature. So I'm going to use this blog as a way to collect my online research findings and connect with other people who have otosclerosis to hear thier stories and get tips on how to deal. Hi everybody! I'm Beth, and I may have otosclerosis. Please leave comments and tell me your story.

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